Paystub OCR

The predefined Paystub OCR Model can be used to extract information from Pay Stubs including Employee and Employer Information, Earnings Amounts and Deposits.

Supported file types: JPG, PNG and PDF

Paystub Extraction Product Screenshot

Extracted Fields

The full list of supported fields is:

Field NameDescription
Employee AddressEmployee Address for this Paystub
Employee NameEmployee Name for this Paystub
Employer AddressEmployer Address for this Paystub
Employer NameEmployer Name for this Paystub
Start DateThe start date of the statement period for this Paystub
End DateThe end date of the statement period for this Paystub
Gross EarningsThe Gross Earnings for this Paystub
Gross Earnings YTDThe Gross Earnings Year-to-date for this Paystub
Net PayThe Net Pay for this Paystub
Net Pay YTDThe Net Pay Year-to-date for this Paystub
Pay DateThe Pay date for this Paystub
SSNThe Social Security Number of the employee this Paystub is for
Federal Additional TaxAdditional Federal Tax paid for this Paystub
Federal AllowanceThe Federal Allowance for this Paystub
Federal Marital StatusThe Federal Marital Status for the employee this Paystub is for
State Additional TaxAdditional State Tax paid for this Paystub
State AllowanceThe State Allowance for this Paystub
State Marital StatusThe State Marital Status for the employee this Paystub is for
Deduction TypeThe type of this Deduction
Deduction This PeriodThe amount of deduction for this period
Deduction YTDThe total amount of deductions year-to-date
Direct DepositsDescription
AmountThe amount for this deposit
Employee Account NumberThe account number for the employee this deduction is for
Earning TypeThe type of this earning item
Earning RateThe rate for this earning item
Earning HoursThe number of earning hours for this earning item
Earning This PeriodThe earning amount for this period
Earning YTDThe total earning amount year-to-date
Tax TypeThe type of tax for this tax item
Tax This PeriodThe amount of tax paid for this period
Tax YTDThe total amount of tax paid year-to-date

Using the API

You can follow these guides for how to integrate with the API in common languages:

  1. Python Paystub OCR
  2. Node.js Paystub OCR