Every Queue has different settings that can be customized for your specific use case. If you click on the gear icon, you'll bring up the different Queues settings options.

Here is a quick overview on each of the different categories.

Access Queue Settings

From the Queue Detail Page, access Queue Settings by clicking the "Settings" link


User Review


Determines which documents should require review from someone on your team, as well as who should be notified when review is necessary.

Which documents to review is determined by Confidence Score.

When to use
For most use cases, we recommend keeping this setting to No Documents, and simply relying on Butler's good extraction accuracy, and supplementing corrections via code using business specific context.

If you have a large existing Ops or Data Entry team, you could use this setting to enable them to review documents within the Butler interface before the results are ready.

You can also use Butler Blocks to streamline review in your application

Extraction Settings


Determines the range of pages that should be extracted for documents processed by this Queue.

When to use
If you have documents that have a large number of pages that are irrelevant to your extraction requirements, you can use this setting to tell Butler to ignore those pages.

This can be used to help you avoid unnecessary costs.


Limitation to Page Extraction Settings in Free and Dev Tier

Only up to 100 pages can be extracted.

If you intend to use this setting, ensure the model is trained on PDFs trimmed to these page ranges. Otherwise, accuracy will be greatly affected