In this section, you'll learn how to use Butler's UI to:

  • Upload Documents to be processed for extraction
  • Download processed documents as CSV

Upload Documents

  1. Go to Queue Details Page

Queue Detail Page

  1. Click the "Upload Documents" Button

Upload Documents Button

  1. Upload Documents that can be processed by this Queue. PDFs, PNGs, and JPGs are supported


Upload Limitations in Free and Dev Tier

You can upload up to 100 docs at a time in a batch. If you have more than that, split it up across multiple uploads.


Upload Page

  1. Wait for it to finish. While the progress bar is spinning, you may leave this page and revisit this page later to fetch your results

Download Results as CSV

Click on the Upload row you would like to download as a CSV after "Status" is marked as "Completed"


Upload Status

The following status are possible:

  1. Completed (Upload is completed, and can be fetched via REST APIs, or downloaded as CSV)
  2. Failed (Issue encountered for that doc, try again with a different doc or contact [email protected])
  3. In Progress (Butler is still processing the documents)
  4. "Waiting For Review" (Queue Settings was set to review documents, it needs to be clicked on and marked as completed once corrections are made)

Click "Download Results" to download a CSV


CSV Download

If multiple documents were uploaded in the upload, they will all be combined in one CSV Result. To get multiple different CSVs per file, upload them separately